The past 3 weeks have been huge for Formula 1. Three weeks ago was the first race weekend after the summer break in July. It was also the start of the first of 3 back to back weekends in the Formula 1 calendar, making it the first triple header of the season. The following weeks were filled with transfers, contract signings and rumours as the drivers gear up for the final half of the season. Due to so many big announcements and races, the F1 social media was filled with posts for the fans to enjoy and keep up to date with the sport.

Post showcasing Kimi’s achievements
Bottas’ achievements as a Mercedes Driver
Post about Alex Albon joining Williams

The second week started off with F1 legend and former Drivers Champion, Kimi Räikkönen announcing his retirement from the sport. This retirement caused a chain reaction of new announcements. The Finnish driver was replaced by his fellow countryman Valterri Bottas. His empty Mercedes seat went to George Russell. I talk about his social media posts in this blog. George left Mercedes’ sister team Williams, who filled their empty seat with Alex Albon, who previously drove for Mercedes rivals Red Bull. I told you… it was a big week. The F1 instagram was flooded with posts. Kimi’s announcement was extremely sad for people to hear and due to this F1 honoured him with many posts, celebrating his very successful career. They also posted a Youtube video with his best moments in the sport. Similarly, Bottas left Mercedes after a trophy winning stint, making his leave an expected but sad one. He was also shown love, with his quotes, moments and his stats as a driver. Alex Albon got his much awaited return to the sport, making his announcement an important one. However the move was over shadowed by the big announcements made just before Albon’s, making it the least talked about announcement.

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