George Russell’s much awaited announcement

Russell in the Merc outfit for his 1 race stint with the team last season

A big week for F1 started off with the announcement that Finnish Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas has signed for Alfa Romero, which made the Mercedes seat open for the Brit Driver George Russell. The driver has been linked with the World Champions for the last few years, making this announcement a big one for all F1 fans. George has previously driven for Mercedes as a test driver in 2017 and in one race last year due to the World Champion Lewis Hamilton contracting the coronavirus.

Due to how big the announcement was, the F1 social media pages were filled with posts about the driver’s move. They made an announcement post which was editing differently than the previous announcement posts. On their youtube channel, F1 posted a video showing the Brit’s journey all the way from his junior career to his move to Mercedes. The team he raced for earlier, was the sister team for Mercedes and due to this, both teams had big announcement posts and tweets about this move. Comparing the photo on the left with the photo below, we can see the difference in the kind of posts F1 makes for other driver moves and the post they made for Russell. This is because most fan pages of F1 have already edited Russell’s move as a meme using the template below, and to avoid confusion and also celebrate the big move, they made a special new post for the Brit’s move.

George Russel’s Announcement Post on the F1 Social Media
Ex Mercedes Driver Valtteri Bottas’ Announcement Post
4 Time World Champion Sebastian Vettel’s Move to Aston Martin

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