Daniel Ricciardo’s Redemption

The Honey Badger strikes again! After a long wait, Daniel Ricciardo finally won a F1 race. His last win was in the 2018 Monaco Grand prix, when he still raced for Red Bull. In the end of that year, Ricciardo moved from Red Bull to Renault, where he had a string of bad seasons, with his highlight being two podiums in his last stint with the team. He then filled the empty McLaren spot in thr start of this season, which was turning out to be a disappointing move for the Australian driver. He then came back from the Summer Break starting off the 3 back to back races with a P4 in the first race, P11 in the second and then he won in the last race which took place in Italy Monza. The F1 socials were filled with posts celebrating the win.

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